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Here we inform you about some news. To receive a complete offer, please contact us directly.




Our investment strategies are divided in the sum of € 1'000 / € 100'000 / € 1 million. Depending on the investment strategy, you can hold the money in your name or subscribe to an insurance policy with life insurance component or transfer the money to the Matrix Club Pool. When choosing the investment strategy, the capital risk is decisive, you can choose from 0% to max 10%, which also influences the profit.


Financial Academy


Register for the next trading academy on March 1, 2021 or following.


Real estate covered investment


Our existing customers have the opportunity to purchase shares before the official launch. 100 units will be issued at a price of USD 25,000 per unit. Due to the small circulation, we expect that this will be sold out very quickly. Therefore please take the opportunity to purchase one or more units before the start of the publication.

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