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Asset Management

We secure your values and increase your assets.

Our wealth management is not only a financial service. In addition to strategic and networked thinking in wealth matters, we understand this to mean above all independence, loyalty and responsibility.

The strategic as well as long-term asset protection, asset preservation and asset growth are the focus of our responsible actions.  We can offer you above-average returns with risk management according to your specifications.

Insurance consulting

We know the right answer to the question of sensible insurance.

There are many reasons to protect yourself against one or the other eventuality. But which insurance policies are really useful? And how to make the right choice among the abundance of offers and rates?

Our insurance experts know the right answer. They will provide you with information on legal issues when concluding contracts and on the fine print. Furthermore, they will advise you on your personal insurance needs in the main insurance lines.

Family Office

The family offices we cooperate with are efficient and tailored to your needs.

If required, they can also take care of small tasks: This can extend to real estate management, but also include the training of the heir generations. Estate planning and the handling of tax and legal issues can also be added as required. In this way, you protect yourself and your capital from bankruptcy and protection from creditors and asset depletion through illness, etc.

Trade training


Trading is about making money in the markets, and our courses show you how to do just that. In a safe, comprehensive, interactive, professional and practical way. To be a great trader, you need to be trained by great trainers and mentors who are profitable traders themselves!

Our Academy allows you to learn on your own schedule, so there is no pressure to move forward until you are fully ready. We cover all major topics in the Forex world, from the basics of technical analysis to trading psychology. So you will become a truly educated trader.

Foreign exchange trading

Many investors are very familiar with shares and funds. But foreign exchange trading remains a great mystery for many, seems too complex or too risky. And this, although the foreign exchange market (also called Forex market), measured by the daily trading volume, is many times larger than the stock market.

With a turnover of over 6 trillion dollars Daily it is even the largest financial market in the world!

We want to help you to find a comprehensive, but easily digestible introduction to the topic ''foreign exchange trading'' and to be able to decide in the conclusion whether trading with currencies is suitable for your budget, your level of knowledge and your risk appetite.

Real estate agency


As an experienced real estate broker, we have a good feeling for people and their needs - and we are also familiar with the finer points of real estate.

For example, it is an advantage to be able to explain to prospective buyers convincingly how they can turn a property into a lucrative investment.

This requires both construction and marketing knowledge.

Our good knowledge of the real estate market and the regions as well as direct contacts to the building contractors opens up the possibility of acquiring properties before completion and properties not on the market.

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