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Financial consulting - lived and experienced differently

In the future you would like to make financial decisions on your own initiative at a financial consultancy. In addition to the necessary information, you can also rely on your individual risk tolerance. Your risk capacity and risk tolerance influence your financial decisions regarding insurance, investments and real estate. Of course, you also take into account the relevant aspects of taxes.

Thanks to our neutral and independent consulting approach, you can choose or invent solutions tailored to your needs and concerns. With knowledge and understanding, you are sure to reach your realistically set goals, which have also been crystallized with the help of value-neutral financial coaching.

In a nutshell: You and your financial situation and wishes are united in the essential points.

Broaden horizons

Independent financial advice - somewhat different than usual


Honesty & Transparency

Basis of a trustful cooperation

Commitment & Vision

Confident financial decision-makers - customer-driven decisions

  • Asset Management

  • Insurance consulting

  • Family office

  • Trade training

  • Foreign exchange trading

  • Real estate agency


Investment with 0% risk and insurance policy i

Trade training Forex.
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